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Release Date: June 28th!!
Hardcover, Empire Strikes Press
List: $27.95

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A John Keegan Mystery

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All in a Row
A John Keegan Mystery

Death can be closer than you think...

Someone is killing pretty young women in New York City. John Keegan's followed the story. When the killer's next victim is the daughter of a prominent United States Senator, the body is found in Keegan's jurisdiction, and the case falls on his desk. Keegan knows a serial killer is loose in the city, even if everyone else wants him to disprove just that. The killing continues, striking closer and closer to him.

Fresh from the case that almost ended his career and a relationship that ended in disaster, Keegan's frame of mind is off. He's decided to make a change, to point his life in some sort of direction. His mind is not so clouded that he doesn't notice his partner is in worse shape than he is. Things get difficult as the case goes on, and his partner acts more strangely.

With the pressure of the media mounting, and with the Senator watching closely, Keegan must weave through the tangled web he is caught in, and find the killer before he strikes again. Keegan doesn't know how close to the killer he is, and it will take a strike close to home that opens his eyes. Can he stop the killer before someone he cares about dies?

ALL IN A ROW chronicles the first serial killer case the city has seen in years. Keegan is alone in this investigation, with deception facing him at every turn. He must also piece together the tattered remains of his relationships, something he knows he has neglected for too long. He needs to find out what is wrong with his life, and what needs to be done to fix it. All before the killer's sights lock on him...


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