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  Another Bad Picture
of Me

I guess this is the page where I am supposed to talk about me. This isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, mainly because I just get the feeling that I don't have anything of interest to say.

I was born on Long Island, in a small town called Baldwin. Nothing much happens in Baldwin. You probably never heard of it. If you did, you probably live close by. Or you have a lot of free time.

I made my living doing countless things, ranging from bartending, to selling cars, to telemarketing farm chemicals to the Midwest. Definitely didn't feel a calling there. Though the boss was cool. Anyway, becoming a writer (if one can say that) took time and effort and rejection. It's sort of like finding your true match, though sometimes I think becoming a writer is a bit easier. I'll pay for that comment, I am sure.

My first novel, SOFT CASE, a book I wrote for myself and sent out on a goof, was published in 2001. I think it's a pretty bad book but people tend to like the sarcasm. TIME STAND STILL was released the next year, and both did pretty well. I sometimes forget I am a published writer. I have to remind myself of it. People do that for me.

Someone asked me why I write and I answered "Because I am nuts." It was sarcastic but also a bit true. Putting thoughts on paper and listening to what your characters have to say isn't much different than dementia, I presume. It takes a less than sane mind.

Anyway, feel free to email me and tell me how you hated my book. You can reach me at © 2007 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use