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Available Books:

Soft Case
A John Keegan Mystery
NYPD Homicide Detective John Keegan finds conspiracy and corruption that
flow from the top of city government down to his own precinct when he takes
on the investigation of the city's most famous man's death. He risks his job,
his friends, and his life to solve the biggest case the city has seen in decades.


Time Stand Still
A Darren Camponi Novel
Private Investigator Darren Camponi unwittingly finds himself in trouble with
the federal government when he is hired to find an old classmate. He has no idea
his old friend is working on a TOP SECRET experiment, TIME TRAVEL, and
people are willing to kill for it. Along the way, Camponi puts his family in harm's way
and the only solution is to volunteer to test the research and go back to his past.
There, he beomes trapped, obsessed with preventing a family tagedy that has
bothered him for almost 20 years.

Upcoming Books:

All in a Row
A John Keegan Mystery
Someone is killing pretty young women in New York City. John Keegan follows
the case right up to the point where a Senator's granddaughter is found dead in
his jurisdiction. Pressured by the media, the Senator, and confused by the actions
of his partner, Keegan must navigate through the twisting turns of the case, all
before the killer strikes close to home.