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The daughter of a famous scientist is found strangled in Central Park...

A drug dealer is brutally murdered in his apartment...

NYPD Detective John Keegan is drawn to the first case but instead is assigned to the second. Investigating drug dealers is not what he became a cop for. In a sense, he figures, whoever killed Konstantin 'K-Drugs' Volkyv did the city a favor.

Over time, he will realize the two cases are connected. He'll also discover that a vigilante is running loose in New York, out to end the lives of other criminals. While he secretly applauds the killer's work, Keegan knows he must stop him.

Keegan will be partnered with Rick Calhill again, a man trying to rebound from personal tragedy and prove his worth to the department again. Keegan admires Calhill's determination, but he can't help but wonder if the man will be a liability.

Further complicating things is Keegan's boss, in the running for a long deserved promotion. He wants Keegan and Calhill to solve the case quickly and cleanly so that it doesn't affect his chances. Things don't look good for him.

Two people will be taken from Keegan. After death strikes a second time, Keegan must decide where his life is going. A new woman has entered his life, seemingly at the wrong time, and he must wrestle with his emotions as he heads for a final confrontation with the vigilante, knowing full well there is a chance only one of them will walk away from it.

Death Knell covers all aspects of a detective's life, and will have you constantly guessing who the real criminal is. © 2007 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use