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Time Stand Still
A Darren Camponi Mystery
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Not Everyone Should Be Trusted...

Not All Opportunity Should Be Seized...

Sometimes the Past is Better Left Alone...

"Clever and darkly humorous..."
Gary Griffiths

"This is a terrific detective tale worth reading."
Harriet Klausner,
Amazon.com #1 Rated Reviewer

"John Misak has written a humorous and concentrated mystery with Time Stand Still."
Phillip Tomasso, Bookbrowser.com


A chance to relive the past... It's something everybody wants; an opportunity to correct the mistakes of youth. Private Investigator Darren Camponi gets this irressistable opportunity when he is hired to find his old high school classmate, Jason Caufield. Caufield, awkward and unpopular as a student, has gone on to research time travel and has made a breakthrough. A breakthrough people are willing to kill for.

What started out as a simple search and locate for Camponi turns into a deadly affair when the P.I. who contracted him for the job turns up dead. Also, Capmoni discovers he is not the only one searching for Caufield. The federal government wants him too, and they threaten Camponi to back off. When he doesn't, the people around him suffer. A suspicious medical malpractice suit from the past resurfaces against his father. A good friend loses her job for helping him. His mother's car is run off the road. Only when Camponi finally finds Caufield does he realize what is so important. Caufield has a working prototype. He needs a volunteer. With Camponi's present a mess of overdue bills and relationships gone sour, Caufield has found the perfect guinea pig.

Pick a simple time, Caufield instructs. Camponi thinks he does. What he doesn't remember is the time he picks to go back to is only two days before the death of his grandmother, an event he has been suspicious of. Now, Camponi must risk his present and future to prevent a murderer from the past from being successful a second time. Can he change the past? Should he?

Deception lurks around every corner. Betrayal exists in the hearts of the people he's trusted most. Nothing is as it seems. Time Stand Still combines the elements of mystery, suspense, drama, and time travel science fiction. Darren Camponi must unravel mysteries in both the present and the past and confront corruption that knows no bounds. In the end, he'll discover that his memories are not what he once thought they were, and that darkness exists in places he never dreamed.

Everyone has a past. Most of us should never revisit it.

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John Misak will be giving away the manuscript for his next book in a contest for all who buy Time Stand Still.



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